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Tuesday , July , 22 2014



Applications for employment are expected to complete and sign the official application form, including education, work experience, job history, and references. All applications and resumes submitted that meet the minimum job qualifications shall be screened to determine the candidates to be interviewed. Applications of candidates interviewed shall be kept on file for two (2) years. All others will be kept on file for one (1) year.

A minimum of two positive written references from previous employers and/or other personal references are requested from each candidate for employment.

The interviews process is used as an opportunity to find out about the candidate and to provide information pertaining to the job description, conditions of employment, salary range, benefits, and Agency policies. Education and licensure are verified through viewing the original license, certificate or diploma when applicable. As appropriate, candidates are asked to complete written exams, skilled inventory lists or skills testing.


Job Postings

If you have any questions about job postings or would like an application, please call Human Resources Department at 777-7740 or 1-800-482-7412.

Current Openings

All Jobs
Category Position Location Date Posted
20/30 Hours Weekend RN Lewiston, Maine 8 May 2014
20-24 Hours RN Lewiston, Maine 11 Jun 2014
24 Hours Weekend RN Lewiston, Maine 13 Mar 2014
28-36 Hours Weekend RN Lewiston, Maine 13 Mar 2014
32 Hours Float RN Bridgton, Maine 31 Mar 2014
40 Hours Hospice Aide (CNA) Lewiston, Maine 15 May 2014
40 Hours Hospice RN Case Manager Lewiston, Maine 8 May 2014
40 Hours Physical Therapist Norway, Maine 21 Jul 2014
40 Hours RN Wilton Office, Maine 11 Jun 2014
40 Hours RN Lewiston, Maine 30 Jun 2014
Hourly PSS/PCA Lewiston, Norway & Wilton, Maine 10 Mar 2010
Per diem Customer Service Representative Lewiston, Maine 30 Jun 2014
Per diem Home Health Aide All Offices, Maine 30 Jun 2014
Per diem Hospice RN Lewiston, Norway & Wilton, Maine 2 Jul 2013
Per diem Hospice TA/Scheduler Lewiston, Maine 28 Apr 2014
Per diem LPNS All Offices, Maine 7 Jan 2014
Per diem Physical Therapist Lewiston, Maine 27 Mar 2014
Per diem RN All Offices, Maine 11 Feb 2010