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Tuesday , September , 02 2014

Hospice Care

Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's hospice program embraces your goals for end-of-life care and your right to make choices about that care.

Care in the Place You Call Home
Whether you live in your own private residence, or in an assisted living or nursing facility, Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's hospice care brings together medical, psychological, social and spiritual services to address your individual needs.

Quality of Life for the Time That Remains
Hospice care focuses on your comfort. It does not speed up or slow down the dying process. Your physical and emotional comfort is continually addressed through pain and symptom management, counseling and other health care measures overseen by your attending physician.

Patient and Family Involvement
Hospice Care supports your needs and those of your family. As a family, you will have the final choice in all decisions about care. With the help of our Hospice Care Guide, we will provide ongoing education and assist you and your loved ones to cope with changes and decisions throughout the course of your care.

A Compassionate and Skilled Care Team

The patient's Attending Physician, assisted by Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's Medical Director, oversees the patient's care plan and the hospice medical services we provide.

A Primary Nurse, trained in pain and symptom control, coordinates patient care and serves as a link to the other hospice team members offering care and support.

Hospice Social Workers provide emotional support, counseling and help connect you and your family to needed community resources.

Home Health Aides provide personal care and are available to do basic household chores.

Chaplains offer spiritual support to the patient and their family.

Hospice Volunteers lend compassionate support, practical help and companionship. When ever possible, special efforts are made to provide volunteer support so that patients are not alone in the event that family and friends are not close by.

Bereavement Staff and Volunteers continue to serve a patient's family and caregivers after the loss of their loved one for 13 months. Each year, Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice holds a series of memorial services to honor the memory of those who have been served by our hospice program.

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

Hospice coverage also includes other important support services:

Medication and medical equipment related to the patient's hospice diagnosis and needed for their comfort care is covered at no cost to the patient. Medical equipment typically available includes oxygen, a hospital bed, a wheelchair, commode and shower bench.

On-call registered nurses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and offer needed support if there are unexpected changes. Based on information provided, the nurse will determine if an immediate visit is needed.

Complimentary therapies to enhance the patient's comfort and quality of life such as Reiki, comfort touch, music and pet therapy.

Community grief support groups for family and friends through The Program for Grieving Children & Teens, the Pathways Through Grief and Guidance Through Grief Adult Programs.

One of the benefits of hospice care is the ability to tailor care based on the patient's current status and any changes that may occur in the weeks and months ahead.

It's important to remember that a patient can change their decision to receive hospice care. If they decide that hospice care is no longer appropriate, they can resume curative care or treatment. In the event that their condition continues to decline, they can resume hospice care.

While the patient is receiving hospice services, there are four levels of care that can be provided.

Routine Home Care
The most frequently used level of care. Services include physical, spiritual and emotional support to the terminally ill patient and their family in a home setting or facility. The goal is for the hospice team to work with family caregivers to manage pain and symptoms and provide support without crisis intervention.

Respite Care
This is a short-term level which can be used on an occasional basis to provide relief to the caregiver for up to five days in a contracted facility. The patient continues to receive the same services they receive at home and returns home at the end of the respite period.

Continuous Care
This level of care is provided during brief periods of crisis. The goal is to prevent hospitalization for patients residing in their own homes through skilled nursing services that span a minimum of eight hours in a twenty-four hour day. This level of care is contingent on staffing availability.

General Inpatient Care (GIP)
This level of care is used for times when there is a crisis brought on by symptoms that are not well controlled. GIP Care is provided in a contracted skilled nursing facility, hospital or the Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's Hospice House where there are registered nurses on site 24-hours a day. It is intended for short-term use and the duration is determined by the time needed to manage the patient's pain or other symptoms.

The Hospice House
The Hospice House, located on Stetson Road in Auburn, was specifically built to provide short-term GIP level care. The facility is designed and staffed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for managing pain and other end-of-life care symptoms. The 14 private patient suites can accommodate overnight stays by family.