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Friday , February , 23 2018


Press Releases (New)

Agency Cooperation Brings Comfort to Hospice Patients

Auburn, Maine 7.30.13 - On July 24th Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice sold 14 electric patient beds from the Auburn Hospice House to Fryeburg Health Care Center for a total of $14. When the Hospice House decided it was time to upgrade their beds, instead of throwing them away, they looked for a way to re-use. "Our beds were still in great condition," said Karen Flynn, Director of Hospice for AHCH "so we asked our staff for ideas with what to do with them." Judy Abbott and Tamson Girard, hospice aides for AHCH, found the solution. While providing care for patients at the Fryeburg Health Care Center, Abbott and Girard noticed how the older model, non-electric beds proved challenging for both patients and staff alike. Flynn placed the call the Kelly Burden, Director of Nurses at Fryeburg Health Care Center, to offer the sale of the beds and Burden ecstatically accept. "It was like Christmas over here!" Burden exclaimed.

On July 24th Julie Shackley, President/CEO of Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice, met with David R. Hicks, President of Fryeburg Health Care Center and his executive director, Jim Dutton at the Hospice House on Stetson Road in Auburn to sign the bill of sale for the 14 beds. "It has always been an extreme pleasure to work with Fryeburg Health Care Center." Shackley said. "Our organizations and staff have formed a relationship that is truly collaborative and supportive, where geriatric nurses and hospice nurses are working side by side in total cooperation for the patient's best interest. We couldn't be happier to provide this service to Fryeburg Health Care Center." The sale has already improved upon patient satisfaction. Burden expressed her gratitude in being able to offer more independence to her patients: "The very next morning after the bed was installed I found one of my patients already sitting up in her bed, bed remote in hand, smiling ear to ear."