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Friday , February , 23 2018


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Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice Announces Employees of the Year

Lewiston, Maine  5.7.14 - Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice presented ten outstanding individuals with Employee of the Year Awards at the agency's gathering in April. Each year, Androscoggin HOme Care & Hospice recognizes and honors employees who have made outstanding contributions to the agency throughout the year. The recipients were nominated by their peers for exemplifying one or more of the agency's values - integrity, stewardship, accountability, compassion, quality and trust.

The 2014 award recipients are:


Megan Berube, Administrative Services Team Assistant in the Lewiston Office, was nominated for exemplifying the agency's values of quality, integrity and trust. Megan is a real problem solver and can resolve most issues even when she has no prior experience with them. She is consistently evaluating and looking for areas where she can offer recommendations for improving processes and functions in her team as well as in her own job functions. One team member described Megan as "knowledgeable and wise beyond her years". She has taken on more and more responsibility in her department, been actively involved in the M.O.D.E.L. Care communication group and also is a full time student working on her bachelor's degree.

Mary Dube, CCT Care Management Assistant in the Lewiston Office, is considered an invaluable asset to her team. She is always contributing ideas and suggestions to assist the Community Care Team in maintaining their complex caseloads. Mary has openly embraced new processes and often will offer suggestions in streamlining processes to be more efficient. She is the "go to" person on her team regarding agency policies and protocols and is known for her environmental commitment to reducing paper use. Mary's teammates value how she manages her multiple complex tasks with compassion and a "smile in her voice", they think of Mary as the personification of "Great Customer Service".

April Evertsen, RN in the Lewiston Office, was nominated for representing the best of what an interdisciplinary team approach has to offer Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's patients. She is consistently aware of her patients' mental, physical, and social-emotional needs. April's teammates appreciate her professionalism and communication skills.

Michelle Hawkins, Hospice Aide in the Lewiston Office, was nominated because of her high quality of care that she provides to the patients. While each of the values are part of the care she delivers, "it is the values of Compassion, Quality and Trust in which she shines the brightest." Michelle treats each person with dignity and respect, taking the time to talk with the patients even if they are unable to talk back. She provides a calming presence - at time the only thing calm in what can be very chaotic situations. One co-worker wrote, "Michelle is an asset to our organization. I am honored to work with her and truly feel our patients are blessed to have her as apart of their team."

Lynsay Henry, Therapy Coordinator, was nominated for her unique role and significant contributions to the Agency's world of therapy and the agency as a whole. Lynsay presents herself with a high level of competency and models professional behaviors in all that she does. She works well in the interdisciplinary environment, providing support and direction to all therapists while working cohesively with RN Supervisors. She has also spearheaded policy changes is very conscientious about agency fiscal constraints and strives to maximize resources as well as she has developed positive connections outside the agency. Lynsay is a real asset to Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice.

Denise Martin, Occupational Therapist in the Norway Office, was nominated for providing a level of care beyond her job title. Denise empowers her patients and colleagues for optimal outcomes even in the short window of time staff often have available to help patients rehabilitate and recover. She remains professional when working with clients, families, colleagues and community providers - she truly is an asset to the Agency.

Nancy Palmore, Home Health Aide in the Lewiston Office, is known for her Integrity, Compassion, Quality and Trust - four of the Agency's values. Nancy loves what she does and her patients love her. She goes above and beyond almost every day to make sure patients are all seen and Telehealth monitors get installed. One co-worker said, "Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's reputation is built because of employees such as Nancy. She is always positive, never complains and certainly well deserving to be an Employee of the Year."

Dennis Sicotte, Bereavement Coordinator, is a very special person to Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's hospice program. His unique role provides an invaluable service to the patients' families as well as the community at large, working closely with other staff and the volunteer department. Dennis demonstrates a passion for providing individualized support to those who have experienced a death. He has created and facilitated education and support groups at long-term care facilities and has provided oversight to the Wilton Grieving Children & Teens group, all while managing the after care for more than 1,000 patients a year.

Kate Sicotte, Hospice House Supervisor, has forty-two direct reports yet no matter how busy she is, she will always find the time to jump in and help with patient care, listen to staff concerns, or just give a hug when one is needed. Staff describe her as emulating the M.O.D.E.L. Care values, being visible and available to patients and their families, always making it a point to introduce herself to them. Each year she leads the team to come together and support members of the community - sponsoring a needy family at Christmas or a mitten tree for children, Kate takes the ball and runs with it. Kate truly represents the Agency's values.

Sherri Tanner, RN in the Norway Office, makes every effort to make sure the needs of her patients and their families are met, creating a therapeutic and professional relationship. A statement in her nomination sums it up well, "In home care we rarely go to work alongside other nurses, but we know a good nurse by their patients - the quality of care, the appreciation the patient has for the nurse, the understanding of their own health, and the good questions they ask. Sherri Tanner's patients have a good nurse."

Also honored was Katie Mason, RN in Norway, who received the 2013 Recognition Hotline Award. Katie received eight nominations from co-workers in 2013! Katie exemplifies what two of the Agency's values mean - Compassion and Trust. Some of the comments that emulate what the culture is at Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice: "I would like to thank Katie for being so excited about her job and willing to learn and taking the time to teach others what she has learned. She is very refreshing and a great asset for the organization."

"Our employees are the heart and soul of this agency. Their professionalism, knowledge, compassion and sincerity toward their patients are qualities admired by all. It is difficult to choose only ten to be awarded, but this year's recipients are more than worthy of this honor. Every member of the team plays an invaluable role in the success of this agency," stated Julie Shackley, Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice's President/CEO.