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Friday , February , 23 2018


Press Releases (New)

Students of MCHP Volunteer at AHCH's Hospice House

Auburn, Maine  9.3.15 - Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice (AHCH) welcomed 15 students from Maine College of Health Professionals (MCHP) to the Hospice House during a Day of Caring. On August 27th from 9am-Noon, a team of students spent their morning at the Hospice House restoring and enhancing the Reflection Trail.

In 2007, a local Eagle Scout candidate and their troop built the Reflection Trail for patients and families to enjoy. The trail begins at the entrance of AHCH's Hospice House and winds 300 yards through the woods. The Reflection Trail provides a fitting atmosphere for families that need a quiet place that is both peaceful and private. There are benches alongside the trail to sit with loved ones and reflect. The trail goes through the woods, so extra care was needed raking leaves, picking up fallen branches and maintaining the retention canal alongside the Hospice House. "We are grateful for the work the students did to help maintain the Reflection Trail. The reflection trail has such a large impact on families at the Hospice House, and we were blessed to have the students help maintain it. We have a great partnership with MCHP and were honored to be asked if there was anything they could do to help," shared Julie Shackley, AHCH President/CEO.

This community service event was part of the freshman orientation for 90 new Medical Imaging and Nursing students at the college. "The experience was wonderful. The staff met us at the front door and showed us what they needed. It felt like we were at someone's home. Students also had the opportunity to meet with and connect with families at the Hospice House", shared Heather Fraser, MSN, RN. MCHP seeks enriching educational experiences, where their students can learn to be compassionate about patient care, and be stewards of the community. This was a great opportunity for students to work with local non-profits. The goal was to help students understand important values on building relationships with local organizations, and giving back to the community.