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Friday , February , 23 2018


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AHCH receives House Sentiment

Lewiston, ME 04.25.16 – On Friday, April 8, 2016 Representative Peggy Rotundo of Lewiston cosponsored a special House of Representatives Sentiment to Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice (AHCH) on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary of providing health care services to Maine’s residents. Others joining Representative Rotundo as sponsors were Senator Libby and Brakey of Androscoggin, Representatives Lajoie, Golden and Brooks of Lewiston and Representatives Melaragno, Bickford and Sawicki of Auburn.

The event was attended by Julie Shackley, President & CEO, Jim Bouchard, Marketing & Development Director and Lynsay Henry, Therapy Supervisor for Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice. “It was a very special presentation, when the sentiment was read on the floor a number of Representatives stood to share why they supported us and then they gave us a standing ovation. At that moment the pride I felt for everyone who works for AHCH was overwhelming”, shared Julie Shackley.


From left to right – Senator Nathan Libby, Rep. Heidi Brooks, Julie Shackley,
Rep. Peggy Rotundo, Lynsay Henry, Jim Bouchard, Rep. Gina Melaragno, Rep. Jared Golden.