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Monday , February , 19 2018



Peaceful Passage Program

Our Peaceful Passage program is designed to transform the hospice experience from a medical event to a profound human event utilizing sacred objects offered in a Peaceful Passage bag to inspire, comfort and celebrate the patient's life - family and community.

The introduction and entry into a hospice program can follow a different course for each person. There are medical challenges that now require interventions that are founded on comfort and the person's personal goals and preferences. Relationships in all social spheres are altered in unpredictable patterns that can cause anxiety and anticipatory loss. Priorities are rearranged, traditions cherished, lives reviewed, and relationships stretched to hold the myriad of intense human emotion.

The Hospice team is dedicated to acknowledging and honoring the life of each person, to effectively manage/control pain and other distressing symptoms and to educate and support management of disease and the impact of disease progression on functional status and quality of life. Physically safe and comfortable, the individual can then live each day to its fullest, maintaining quality of life. Along this experiential timeline, there occurs a shift; a place and time when the approach of death, the actual dying process becomes central to the patient and caregiver's experience. Peaceful Passages formally expresses our promise to provide the added personal support to patients and families and our tradition of honoring the sacred nature of dying.

Peaceful Passage promotes awareness that our patients' last days can resonate with gratitude, forgiveness, healing and vast opportunities to love and meaningfully share this universal experience.

Do you knit or crochet? These packages include an angel token, worry stone with a message, a candle, a booklet of poems and prayers, and a comfort shawl. This comfort shawl is the only item which is hand made in the package, and adds a special touch. Each shawl is labeled with, “This comfort shawl was hand made for you with prayers and thoughts of love.” If you are interested in knitting or crocheting shawls and donating them to AHCH patients, please contact Kim Chesley in the Volunteer Office, at 795-9489, or e-mail her at